Sunday, June 30, 2002

Hey! If you are here you must be really bored. I just got this blog today, and my friend had to guide me though it, lol. Well, not much to write about, I like to skateboard and play basketball. Im gonna be a sophmore in highschool. Hmmm, my fave color is ¤YeLLow¤, I like long walks on the beach...j/k. I like punk rock music the best, and I also like PoP. I have two guniea pigs named Buster and Coco,they're solid back and ADORABLE!, we thought they were brother and sister, but when we took Buster to the vet, he came home with a sex change, turns out he's a she, hehehe. Im an animal freak, I love animals so much =) ! Well, when something happens I'll be sure to post it!